There is no way to prevent cancer of the testicles – the only protection is early detection.


A lot of men – but not prudent women! – reach middle age, never having visited a doctor, and this difference in behavior is almost entirely due to the difference in the genitals. Women’s genitals are in need of constant and regular attention. A woman, even with perfect health should visit doctors each year to check the breast and taking of smears from the vagina.

And finally, a healthy woman visited a doctor yet to either prevent or interrupt, or to maintain the pregnancy. Looking at the apparently endless demand their girlfriends in the health services, young people are grateful to fate for having had urogenital system, requiring very little concern. But for such “luck” they would have to pay later!

Upon noticing the usual warts on the penis, the man immediately goes to the doctor. However, painless swelling in the testicles can grow to impressive size, but its unlikely cause the same concern. Almost all such tumors are harmless, but still about a thousands Americans each year develop testicular cancer – the most common malignant tumor for men from 15 to 34 years.

If you can find a similar – you are lucky, because almost 100% of the detected at an early stage of testicular cancer successfully cured. Usually the late detection of prognosis is not as favorable.

Sex in itself, and sexually transmitted diseases, do not concern anything to testicle cancer. Men born with cryptorchism, are ten times risked cancer than the rest. Surgical correction does not reduce the risk, while facilitating the detection of tumors. Since only 10% of men with cancer of the testicles that are inherent in violation, the others should not forget about risk. Men tend to say, that first they had an illness of the testes and only later discovered the tumor.

On the other hand, scarring and atrophy of tissues in the field of trauma, later, may cause changes that promote malignant transformation of cells. Men, who has the atrophy of testicles, and those who have mumps, followed by inflammation of the testicles – orchids, it seems, are more at risk. There is no way to prevent cancer of the testicles – the only protection is early detection.

What are the testicular cancer symptoms? In other words, if any changes in their testicles man should always consult a doctor? You must be alert the following changes: the presence of a smooth seal (hard) in the testis tissue, a significant change in testis size (increase or decrease); accumulation of fluid in scrotum (edema), long, moderately expressed, nagging pain in the scrotum without apparent reason. Typically, the tumor occurs in only one testicle, very rarely may be bilateral changes in the scrotum.